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2 Reasons to Contact a Lawyer After Slipping and Falling

2 Reasons to Contact a Lawyer After Slipping and Falling


If you slip and fall in somebody else’s property or in a business establishment, keep in mind that the cause of your accident can be due to another person’s negligence. Incidents like these are grounds for legal action, and having a personal injury lawyer in Myrtle Beach by your side is the best idea. Learn the 2 reasons why by reading on.

An Attorney Will Prove Liability

People can file a case for slip and fall accidents. But, if they want the court to accept their claim, they will first have to prove liability. This means they must find proof that the person at fault, or the defendant, is negligent and legally responsible for the incident.

This is where an attorney’s role comes in. They’ll help to further investigate the case to determine whether the defendant fails to keep the property free of hazards while the victim is legally on the premises. These are the first things personal injury lawyers in Myrtle Beach do to prove their client’s claim:

  • Examining and taking pictures of the scene
  • Looking for potential witnesses
  • Gathering information from their client (memory, health conditions, the reason for being at the place, etc.)
  • Determining the root cause of the accident
  • Finding people who had also slipped and fallen on the premises

An Attorney Will Defend Your Claim

Remember that the defendant will most likely have a lawyer by their side, too. By having a PI lawyer, you’ll have a legal expert who can represent you. It’s their responsibility to use all the evidence, defend your case, and negotiate for the most suitable settlement.

Your attorney will also compile documentation of lost income. This will help you secure the appropriate compensation for the losses owed to you. Some of what they’ll collect are records of your tax, employer’s payment, and medical treatment.

Get in Touch with a Slip and Fall Attorney Today

Essentially, the role of an attorney is crucial in slip and fall incidents. They will help you build and file your case, defend your case, and secure compensation. Reach out to Sansbury Law Firm to get in touch with a reliable personal injury lawyer in Myrtle Beach.

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