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Common Types of Personal Injury Cases

Common Types of Personal Injury Cases


Each year, millions of people get involved in different kinds of accidents. From car crashes to slips and fall, the physical damage caused by these incidents range from minor to serious. And oftentimes, the injured parties carry the weight of seeking just compensation while trying to heal.

During such events, a personal injury lawyer can extend legal assistance to establish a strong claim and negotiate for a fair settlement. Following are the common types of cases they handle:

Car Accidents

In most cases, motor vehicleincidents occur as a result of negligence or human a number of which led to serious injuries that require immediate medical attention. Anyone who has been involved in a road mishap, a driver, passenger, or pedestrian, may be entitled to compensation for damage received.

Slips and Fall

They may seem like a minor accident, but this type of case can result into significant harm to the elderly, who are more vulnerable to acquiring hip fractures or broken bones. In fact, over a million adults suffer a fall each year, making slips and fall a common concern among the aging population. What potentially makes these incidents a personal injury case is when the premises of another party caused physical damage.

Like any other case, holding someone accountable for the slip-and-fall accident should be proven based on certain legal rules and concepts. It’s best to seek counsel from a personal injury lawyer to determine the validity of a claim.

Malfunctioning Products

Any product in the market has specific safety requirements and certain consumer expectations that should be met. When it causes harm due to being defective, having misleading facts, or containing no proper warnings and instructions, its manufacturers, suppliers, and/or retailerscan be held responsible. The liability takes place regardless of their intent if the product is proven to be damaged or if the information conveyed to the buyer is found to be false or inaccurate.

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At Sansbury Law Firm, we believe that those who have been involved in a personal injury case have the legal right to seek just and fair compensation from those at fault. If you know someone who needs assistance, give us a call and our lawyers will be glad to extend help.

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