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Should I hire a local attorney for my vacation injury?

Should I hire a local attorney for my vacation injury?


Nothing will ruin a family vacation faster than a car accident or other serious injury. After a trip to the hospital, what should you do next?

For out of town visitors, often the only attorneys they know are back home. While it can be helpful to consult an attorney from any jurisdiction, an injury victim in Myrtle Beach would be well advised to consult a local personal injury attorney for a variety of reasons.

First, personal injury law varies dramatically by state and region. While an out of town attorney may know their local laws, an in-depth knowledge of South Carolina law and its application in the Myrtle Beach area is critical for success in your case. Each state has different statutes of limitation (the time limit in which to bring your case), caps on recovery, procedures that must be followed, and other legal nuances that may affect your claim.

Second, it is critical that you obtain an attorney who is licensed to practice in the Myrtle Beach area. Our nationwide legal system is comprised of individual state bar associations, meaning that an attorney licensed in Ohio or Pennsylvania is not necessarily licensed here in South Carolina.

Third, a local Myrtle Beach personal injury lawyer is here and ready to assist. The last thing you need after you have been seriously hurt is further delay in consulting with an attorney. Often, out of town law firms have unstaffed “satellite offices”, but a true Myrtle Beach law firm will be local and ready to quickly assist.

Fourth, Myrtle Beach attorneys know local insurance adjusters, defense attorneys, the court system, and even medical providers. A true working knowledge of this area’s key players can often give clients the upper hand when negotiating a settlement.

If you’ve been hurt in the Myrtle Beach area, please call Sansbury Law Firm today at 843-315-9945 to speak with one of our local, South Carolina licensed attorneys.

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