Civil Court Mediation

Experienced Myrtle Beach Mediator

As Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) becomes increasingly popular nationwide, attorneys increasingly utilize mediation to resolve cases. With the recent addition of Court Ordered mediation in most civil cases, South Carolina attorneys, litigants, and insurance carriers are now faced with the task of choosing “the right mediator” in virtually every case. While each situation is different, a common thread of familiarity with the venue, knowledge of the subject matter, and maintaining neutrality are important.

As a true Myrtle Beach native, Attorney Robert Sansbury is intimately familiar with the complexities of practicing law in a "tourist town." His broad-reaching civil litigation experience includes serving as a judicial law clerk, working for a large insurance defense firm, and representing Plaintiffs in various civil matters. Most importantly, Robert prides himself on striving to maintain complete neutrality in all mediations. With a background of representing both Plaintiffs and Defendants, he is well-suited to see both sides of a case.

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